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Thee Beauty Salon Mastering the Art of Cosmetology Circa 1988

***EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2023  | All SERVICES will incur a $5.00 increase!


"Only the life lived in the service to others is worth living."  -Albert Einstein
(Available Denominations:  $5-500)


Treat your friends and family to our hair, cosmetic and facial services where they can escape all of the world chatter and distress in the chair of one of the welcoming stylists whose goal is to enhance the overall beauty at BYUTIE SALON!  They will thank you!


***Discounts for 2+ and more wigs***


Wig Design:  Designing quality, classic and elegant wigs to fit your lifestyle and fashion needs, while providing comfort, confidence and beauty. 


***Wig Mobile Service Available:  Includes Pick Up and Drop off per the client's discretion and Requires 1/2 Down Payment in Advance.


Recommendation:  Wig Care is recommended for every (3) months to maintain, support and extend the life of your wig and keeping it fabulous. READ MORE ABOUT  "Wig Services"  

[NOTE:  All prices all subject to change per the discretion of BYUTIE Salon]

All Salon Services are by Appointments ONLY! Operating Hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-6pm | Sunday & Monday are RESERVED for Special EventsSpecial Events are inclusive of Fashion Shoots, Hair Extension/Weaves, Weddings & moreSpecial Events require scheduling 7 days in advance/prior to the prefer Appointment DatePer the discretion of the Stylist a Non refundable Deposit may be required to secure attendance.  The Stylist will contact you to confirm the Appointment.

(pronounced Beauty)
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