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Utilize the products that your stylish uses to enhance and maintain your coif and beauty. The carousel provides a visual review of the items listed in the master table for you to become educated with the items before purchasing.  Always remember, your stylist will guide you and answer your questions to ensure the appropriate products  are purchased to maintain your lustrous hair  and beauty.  Thank you in advance for your patronage! 

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Botanical Strengthening Serum
Designer Touch Glistening Gloss
DT:  Scalp & Hairdress Conditioner
Hairobics:  Leave-In Hair & Sclp Trt
Hairobics:  Hair & Scalp Booster
Mizani:  Btnfyng Conditioner Shampoo
Influance Rosemary Conditioner
Influance Rosemary Shampoo
I Stimulating Shampoo 2
I Stimulating Conditioner 2
I Stimulating Scalp Oil 2
I Glazed Edges 2
I Twist and Lock Gel
I Moisture Lock 2
IStyling Spritz
Botanical Foam Wrap Souffle
Repair Therapy Intensive Conditioner
Botancial High Sheen Spray Laminate
Botanical Detangling Shampoo
(pronounced Beauty)


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Botanical Foam Wrap Souffle

For light and long-lasting hold, this mousse is a hands-down favorite due to the incredible body, remarkable bounce and luxurious shine it adds to hair – perfect for wrap, weave and roller styles.  Formulated not just for hold but with the health of the scalp and hair in mind, our alcohol-free and artificial-color-free botanical formula leverages the power of Calendula and Green Tea to moisturize and repair dry scalp and hair.  This product will not flake or leave a waxy film on hair.